Ecological Design, Urban Planning & Resilient Design in Rockaway Park, Queens



You Are Not Alone (YANA) is a worker training facility in the New Your City neighborhood of Rockaway Park. Their mission was to bring jobs, education, and environmentally sustainable practices to a region suffering from economic marginalization. Just one week after opening their doors, the neighborhood was devastated by flooding and fire in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. YANA reopened its doors with the support of volunteers and solar power provided by Greenpeace. It became a hub of community recovery, mutual aid and solidarity. YANA fulfilled its intended purpose of building community through its storm relief efforts, distributing donations, serving hot meals, providing free medical care, and dispatching volunteers throughout the Rockaways. 

The YANA Rebuild process is a living example of sustainable and ethical design. A team of permaculture designers worked with community member and volunteers to design both passive and active solar energy solutions, a green roof, a rainwater collection system and the helped facilitate the use of re-purposed building materials.

Partners: This rebuild is a coalition project presented by YANA Services, Permatecture Design, Seismologik, Localflux, Occupy Sandy, and Greenpeace. Education partners include the Permaculture Center for BioRegional Living and Yestermorrow. This project has been endorsed by Naomi Klein and Bill McKibbin.