Project Conception

  • Identify if the project can be realistically be completed.

  • Define the reason why the project is necessary.

  • Define project objectives, including outputs, outcomes, benefits, and strategic objectives.

Project Definition + Initiation

  • Capture project requirements, specific quality of deliverables, estimating resources and timescales.

  • Develop a project scope.

  • Develop and implement a management plan for the project.

  • Develop a plan for and secure funding.

  • Prepare a business case to justify the investment. Calculate a budget and schedule and determine what resources are needed.

Project Completion + Performance

  • Monitor progress against the plan.

  • Managing the project budget.

  • Managing the risks, issues and changes on the project.

  • Maintain communications with stakeholders.

Business Planning

  • Strategic Planning, Operations, Fundraising, Marketing & Management Plans for environmental, agricultural and conservation projects.

  • Leverage operations, fundraising and planning efforts for environmental, agricultural, and conservation projects and creative small businesses.

Marketing + Creative Design

  • Comprehensive & customized portfolio of your company, nonprofit or municipalities services.

  • Attract clientele, submit with grants, and/or raise funding with capital campaigns for your environmental, agricultural or conservation project, program or creative small business.

  • May include, but not limited to, marketing pitch, product & services lists, customer testimonials, brochures, newsletters, letterhead, business cards, etc.

Financial Planning

  • Chart your project, program or small businesses future with comprehensive financial planning.

  • May include, but not limited to, cash flow analysis, inventory projections, marketing strategy analysis, customized spreadsheet and accounting templates, multi-year budget projections, and market analysis.

About the Designer

Sarah Ashley Baxendell is an ecological, permaculture, and urban designer/planner known for her involvement in groundbreaking local food supply projects and urban ecological intervention programs which help communities connect more deeply with their natural environment. 

Sarah is a nonprofit consultant with expertise in program design, strategic planning, fundraising, project management, and master plan development. She has in-depth knowledge of a range of nonprofit sectors, including organic agriculture, sustainable food systems, environment and ecology, and documentary films.



Help communities connect more deeply with their natural environment through local food supply, urban ecology, and land conservation projects.