The idea is that after three years at the Hilltop Urban Farm, farmers-in-training will be able to graduate off the site, and go on to launch new urban or rural farms in Western Pa., either in the city or on other preserved land in the county, ” says Sarah Ashley Baxendell.

Pittsburgh City Paper

“ Once a reality, the Hilltop Urban Farm will exist on a much larger scale. Fully active, the farm will multiply Pittsburgh’s food supply by 400 percent and quadruple the amount of food grown within the city limits, based on its acreage.”

The Incline


“We’re light years ahead of where we were 10 years ago,” Sarah Ashley Baxendell says, describing the process (in South Side Park) and the city’s recent push to emphasize open spaces.

— Pittsburgh Magazine


You can’t really see it from anywhere,” says Sarah Baxendell, Director, Greenspace Projects for the Hilltop Alliance and organizer of Saturday’s Goat Fest. “You wouldn’t know (South Side Park) was there just driving past. ”

Baxendell spent the better part of last year compiling a comprehensive report on park’s makeup and usage. It was the first step in a long-term, community-driven effort to transform a neglected plot of land into a core amenity for south Pittsburgh.

— Next Pittsburgh

According to Sarah Ashley Baxendell, the purpose of the (Lots of Flowers) program was to beautify vacant lots with low maintenance flower installations. It also serves to improve stormwater holding capacity, beautify the community and diminish vacant lot maintenance.

— South Pittsburgh Reporter


The Hilltop Urban Farm will open in 2019, consisting of 23 acres (9 hectares) of farmland where low-income housing once stood, two miles (3 km) from the city center, designer, Sarah Ashley Baxendell, says.

— Reuters

First ribbon-cutting for a farm in probably 100 years in the City of Pittsburgh,” quipped Mayor Bill Peduto at the site of Hilltop Urban Farm, a 107-acre property in the city’s tiny St. Clair neighborhood in South Pittsburgh that includes 23 acres of farmland.

Upon completion, Hilltop Urban Farm will be the largest urban farm in the United States. 

— Next Pittsburgh


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