Ecological Design, Urban Planning & Resilient Design in Brooklyn, NY & Rockaway Park, Queens


Seedball the Coastline

Seedball the Coastline was a campaign to restore lost dune habitat in New York City that occurred as a result of Hurricane Sandy. With the help of the Lower East Side Girls Club and the Museum of Modern Art, Seedball the Coastline planted over 20,000 seed-balls to restore the coastal dunes of the Rockaways and Staten Island in the Spring of 2013. These perennial sea-grass seed-balls were designed to stabilized the dunes badly eroded during the storm. In addition to this effort, a group of Brooklyn residents helped to restore lost honey bee habitats throughout New York City by planting over 5,000 seed-balls in April & May 2013. With red clovers, wildflowers and field peas, these seed-balls were designed to cleanse soils and re-establish the habitat in Brooklyn's Zone A Flood Zone.

Partners: Lower East Side Girls Club, Museum of Modern Art (MOMA)