Sarah Ashley Baxendell is a nonprofit and business development consultant and ecological, permaculture, and urban designer/planner known for her involvement in groundbreaking local food supply projects and urban ecological intervention programs which help communities connect more deeply with their natural environment. 

As a fundraiser and grant writer with over a decade of experience, Sarah brings a holistic approach to project design, planning, and funding that personalizes the way urban ecology projects positively impact communities.

Sarah received her Permaculture Design training from the BioRegional Center for Permaculture Living in Ellenville, New York. She also completed training in Sustainable Design from the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC. Her undergraduate degrees are in Finance and Business Administration, Marketing. Currently, she is a diploma candidate of the Permaculture Institute of North American (PINA) for her studies in Permaculture Site Design and Community Organizing & Development.

Professional Experiences

Project Management & Ecological Design

Director, Hilltop Urban Farm, 2018 - current

Director, Green Space Projects, Hilltop Alliance, 2018 - current

Project Manager, Greenspace Asset Development, Hilltop Alliance, 2015 to 2018

Lead Permaculture Designer, Permatecture Design, 2012 to 2015

Ecological Design Assistant, Three Sisters Farm Permaculture Design, 2014

Work Trade Coordinator, North American Permaculture Convergence, 2014

Finance & Brand Management

Finance Committee, Pittsburgh Food Policy Council, 2016 to 2018

Executive Assistant, Vice Provost of Undergraduate Education and Executive Director of Advising, Indiana University, 2014

Senior Inventory Analyst & Vendor Analyst, Macy's Inc., 2010 to 2012

Client Service Account Officer, JP Morgan Private Bank, 2009

Instruction & Research

Instructor, Urban Ecological Intervention Case Studies: Scalable Permaculture; Principals in Action: Fundraising and Planning your Permaculture projects, Pennsylvania Permaculture Convergence, 2017

Instructor, Herbal Academy, Corner Alchemy Apothecary, Pittsburgh, PA, 2016 to current

Undergraduate Food Studies Certificate Design Team, Indiana University Bloomington Food Working Group, 2014

Education Director, Permatecture Design, 2012 to 2015

Instructor, Global Food Systems and Seed Supplies, Firefly Gathering and Florida Earth Skills Gathering, 2014

Yale Environmental Film Festival, Panel Lecturer, Eco Anarchism and the East, 2013

Education Coordinator, Arc 38, 2012

Teaching Assistant, Department of Marketing, University of Delaware, 2007 to 2008

Research Assistant, Department of Marketing, University of Delaware, 2007 to 2008


B.S. Business Administration/Marketing, University of Delaware, 2008

B.S. Finance, University of Delaware, 2008

Sustainable Design Entrepreneurship Certification, Fashion Institute of New York, 2010

Permaculture Design Certification, BioRegional Center for Permaculture Living, 2011

Desktop Publishing Fundamentals Certification, Indiana University Bloomington, 2014

Web Site Design Fundamentals Certification, Indiana University Bloomington, 2014

Landmark Advanced Course, 2018

Landmark Forum, 2018

Candidate, Permaculture Site Design Degree, Permaculture Institute of North America, 2018

Candidate, Community Organizing and Development Degree, Permaculture Institute of North America, 2018