Help communities connect more deeply with their natural environment through local food supply, urban ecology, and land conservation projects.



Ecological + Permaculture Design


Complete site and program design, strategic planning, project management, and master plan development for organic agriculture, sustainable food systems, environment and ecology projects.

Grant Writing + Fundraising


Bring a holistic approach to project design, planning, and fundraising that personalizes the way urban ecology and park improvement projects, arts and film organizations, and nonprofit startups positively impact communities.

Project Management + Development


Develop program design, strategic planning, fundraising, project management, and master plans to support community-based food supply, urban ecology, and land conservation projects.



“Once a reality, the Hilltop Urban Farm will exist on a much larger scale. Fully active, the farm will multiply Pittsburgh’s food supply by 400 percent and quadruple the amount of food grown within the city limits, based on its acreage.”